Fused by Fux Glass Studio

In 2011 I officially opened my Glass Studio in Kelowna BC. Still new at fusing I found support and interest to support this art form, and soon I moved into a bigger place.

Now I call Terrace BC home. I have my studio next to my home which is a dream come true. Visitors are welcome and when I am not inside my studio, check the back yard, or knock at the front door.

Our Family “Team”

I would like to thank all the people who make my small business possible. The electrician who hooked up my kiln, the carpenter who fixed and renovated the shop, the bookkeeper that keeps my books in order.

The biggest support I get from my children. My eldest daughter, Helen Pleavin, gives her support freely and reliable. She is always there to think with me and give me that other perspective. My son, Jonas, helps ever so often at the studio when manpower is in need.  Simone, my youngest is my greatest fan and when she has time is my trusted editor. What would we do without family?

Artist Biography

I, Annemarie Fux grew up in Switzerland, surrounded by the beauty of the Swiss Alps. In 1980, I moved to Canada. My first home was in Valemount, BC, between the Cariboo Range and the Rocky Mountains – a beautiful place I still call home. A business opportunity brought us to the Okanagan Valley and we enjoyed life on Silver Star Mountain BC. This move made it possible to pursue a long-held dream and I started to participate in Julie Oaks’ weekly art classes.

In 2002 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Okanagan University College, Kelowna BC.  Local art galleries showed my paintings and as a highlight, I was invited to have an exhibition in Switzerland.

Then I discovered glass fusing or glass fusing discovered me. This medium offers everything I am interested in. There is color, it is three-dimensional, multi-layered, and light adds magic.  I was able to learn about the art of fusing as an apprentice in different glass studios and also by taking workshops at Bullseye in Portland Oregon USA. In recent years the internet makes it much easier to learn about glass fusing. It is exciting to be part of this glass world and gaining the skill to create with the beauty of glass.