Private classes and studio time
Private classes and studio time
Private classes and studio time

If you have a project in mind – something you always wanted to create but never had a chance to do it, now is the time! The options are wide open and I will provide instructions and technical support as needed in order to achieve your vision. The FREE FORM CLASSES gives you that freedom.
COST: $100 full day includes kiln time. Material is not included

If you like to work on your own and feel confident working with glass and the tools in the studio.
If you are new to glass fusing the FREE FORM Glass Fusing workshop is a prerequisite, or the 6 WEEK GLASS FUSING WORKSHOP.
During a FREE FORM workshop I can establish your skill level and decide if you are able and comfortable to work on your own.
STUDIO TIME is $60/day or $25/hour
Includes use of grinders, wet saw, sand blaster, and kiln. You bring your own glass cutter.
Glass is not included

If you already have all your own materials and just need to use the kiln to fuse or slump – $50 per firing, which includes kiln paper and the use of molds.

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